Alpolic fr


What type of material is ALPOLIC®/fr?

ALPOLIC®/fr is composed of a 70% mineral & 30% polyethylene filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium. It comes in a sheet thickness range of 3, 4 or 6mm with the 4mm being the standard overall thickness. 
The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a protective wash primer coating.


What are the features of ALPOLIC®/fr?

ALPOLIC®/fr has many features, such as:

  • Flatness: Superior flatness with high rigidity compared with solid aluminium panels.
  • Coating Quality: Uniform colour and smooth coating from a continuous coil coating and a unique coating method called "Die coating."
  • Lightweight: Lighter than solid metals of equivalent rigidity.
  • Fire Performance: ALPOLIC®/fr is a fire-retardant material that meets fire-safety codes of building materials in most countries.
  • Workability: Easy to process by ordinary machines and tools for fabrication.


What are the available panel size and panel thickness?

The available dimensions depend on the type of ALPOLIC®/fr is available with the following dimensions:

  • Total thickness: 3mm, 4mm, or 6mm
  • Standard panel width: 965mm, 1,270mm and 1,575mm
  • Panels up to 2000mm width on request MOQ's apply
  • Maximum panel length: 7,200mm

Refer to the "Stock Items" for the details of the PSP stocked range of ALPOLIC®/fr.
For other non PSP Stocked Product, please contact us.


How rigid is ALPOLIC®/fr?

ALPOLIC®/fr is highly rigid, especially compared with solid aluminium sheets.

4mm ALPOLIC®/fr is equivalent to 3.3mm thick solid aluminium sheet.

For details, refer to "Tech info: Rigidity" page.


What types of paint and pattern finishes are available?

There are four colour-types, Solid Colours, Metallic Colours, Sparkling - Prismatic, Colours and Patterns (Stone, Timber, Metal, and Abstract). All colors are fluorocarbon coating produced in our continuous coil coating line.

Refer to ALPOLIC®/fr Colour Chart for detail. Custom colours are also available for all finishes upon request subject to minimum quantity.


What kind of paint is "Lumiflon"?

Lumiflon paint system is the fluorocarbon based paint system known as FEVE; not only is equivalent to PVDF or Kynar based paint standards, but has superior characteristics in some aspects. The colour range of this paint is wide, and the gloss is also adjustable in a range between 15% and 80%. We use Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon paint system as standard.


Are custom colour finishes available?

Custom colours are available with the minimum quantity of 1,000m2.

Colour matching can be provided if a sample is available.


Are matte finishes available?

Matte finishes are available only in the PVDF polyester coatings.

Matte fluorocarbon coatings are not available.


Are Stone, Timber, Metal & Abstract finishes available?

ALPOLIC®/fr is available in a standard range Stone, Timber, Metal & Abstract finishes.


Are custom marble and timber designs available?

Custom marble and timber designs are also available with the minimum quantity of 2,000m2.


Are perforated panels possible with ALPOLIC®/fr?

Perforation processing such as circular, square and slot holes can be processed by your local engineering companies to the ALPOLIC®/fr specifications, see your local PSP representative for details.


Can ALPOLIC®/fr be recycled?

ALPOLIC®/fr is a recyclable material. Both aluminium and the core material can be reutilised.